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Are you looking to start Business in Tyre dealership? then MRF Tyre Dealership is the best company to start. Here you will get all the company details on How to start MRF Tyres Franchise.

MRF tyre is one of the big tyre manufacturers and distributors in India. MRF is India’s Number One brand when it comes to tyres industry.

Car and bikes are one of the necessary things for all people. In India, the number of vehicles on the road keeps increasing every year.

A lot of people either want to or already own a car so that they can lead a luxury and comfortable life.

One of the essential parts of a car is the tyre. Car safety depends a lot on the tyres. And when it comes to tyres, the most trusted brand in India is MRF.

Mostly all the car tires life is 3 years. So, it’s one of the best businesses in the automobile sector.


MRF Tyre Franchise Company


MRF Limited is an Indian multinational corporation. It is also known as Madras Rubber factory.

It is a tyre manufacturing industry and produces the largest numbers of tyres in India. MRF stands on the 14th list of the largest tyre manufacturing companies in the world.

Products like tyres, conveyor belts, tubes, treads are manufactured in this industry.

K.M. Mammen Mappillai is the chairman of the industry. He started the company in 1946 at Chennai to manufacture toy balloons.

MRF Limited turned into a private company in 1960 and got into a partnership with Mansfield Tyre & Rubber Company to manufacture rubber tyres.

After becoming a public company on 1 April 1961, MRF became the first Indian company to export tyres to the United States.

MRF has 9 manufacturing units all located in South India and dealership network across the country.




MRF Tyres produce products for different consumer groups and vehicles like heavy-duty trucks, buses, SUVs, luxury cars, small cars.

List of products manufacture by MRF:

  • Tyres
  • Tubes
  • Toys
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Cricket accessories
  • Industrial Paints and Coatings


Business Model


MRF gained publicity through the sport of Cricket, as MRF sponsored the cricket equipment of many famous players like Sachin Tendulkar.

Their advertisement involving the great players like Virat Kohli which also managed to attract lot of customers.

MRF sells its products through its franchise stores and does not depend on other tyre outlets.

There are more than 6,000 MRF Franchise dealerships all across India. MRF’s total revenue for the year 2017-18 was around 15,078 crore rupees.

The company’s plan is to invest about 1,000 crore rupees in the manufacturing of products. By 2021, MRF expects its income to grow by 22,000 crore rupees.

MRF helps the franchisee in the training and other store-related support required to set up the franchise.

MRF does not only provide support and also assists the franchisee throughout the journey at least until the break-even point is achieved.


Manufacturing Units and Distribution Outlets


Two plants are located in Perambalur in Tamil Nadu and Medak. Ankenpally in Tamil Nadu has two units as well.

The toy manufacturing unit is located in Goa while the paints and coats are manufactured at two units in Chennai.

Besides the manufacturing and operational setup, the company works through a wide network of distributors, dealers and retailers all throughout India.

It has about 6000+ dealers across the globe and functions through 180 different offices.

It has been a long time exporter of tyres from India, reaching out in about 65 different countries globally.


MRF Tyres Dealership Requirements


MRF Tyres has always been a big promoter of the dealership and franchise business.

So, if you are planning to own a franchise of MRF Tyres, make sure you have all the requirements mentioned below.


Area Requirements


To start the franchise of MRF Tyres requires an area of 4000 sq.ft. The area is needed for the display of a variety of tyres for different vehicles.


Skills & Training


MRF provides its dealers and franchisees with all possible support and training.

The company offers help and support in setting up the franchise and all guidelines and instructions regarding distribution and better sales.

Complete product knowledge and orientation programs are conducted by the company so that the staff of the franchisee is up to date with all the features of the latest products and technology used in MRF tyres.


Agreement and Legal Aspects


To get the Franchise of the MRF Tyres one has to sign the term documents for 5 years. Later it can be renewable.


MRF Tyre Franchise Cost


10 lakh rupees will be the amount required as an initial investment to get an MRF dealership.

And also, an investment of approximately 23 lakh rupees will be needed to get the dealership.

This investment is necessary to cover the cost of equipment, stock of tyres and other store-related expenses.


MRF Tyre Dealership Profit


MRF Tyre is a multinational industries in India. Company is well establish and profitable company. Being a dealer of the company one can earn the profit of minimum 3 Lakhs per month depending on the city or town.


How to Start MRF tyres dealership?


The Application process is very simple.

  1. Visit the official website of the company ”MRF TYRE” fill out the application form.
  2. Details like name, address, contact information, identity proof, details of the outlet, email address, etc.

The MRF business development officer will review the application form, If the person’s application gets shortlisted then further proceeding will be discussed.




MRF Tyres manufactures around 10 lakh tyres from their manufacturing units each year.

Its revenue is around 20000-22000 rupees crore by 2020-21, and also plans to invest 1000 rupees crore every year on products and dedicated research and development.

There are very few brands in India that have as good a reputation as MRF does. MRF has gained the trust of the Indian public over the years and delivered top-quality products.

So, if anyone is looking to invest in a tyre manufacturing company, Than MRF Tyre Dealership Franchise is the best option.


MRF Tyres Dealership Enquiry


Contact: 1800-419-4888

The address of the office is given below:

Old No 124 New No 114,

Greames Road, Thousand Lights,

Chennai – 600006.


Apply for MRF Dealership Franchise: MRF TYRE


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